Sex & Relationships

Sex Talk with Adults and Couples:

Sometimes our feelings don’t always line up with messages we receive from the outside world.  That mainstream box can seem so small!

I have experience working with people from diverse cultural and sexual communities using a variety of individual, couple and family therapy approaches.  I can help you gain greater understanding of yourself, your relationships, and your family of origin, leading to greater satisfaction and security in your life.

I am also experienced at working with a wide variety of sexual and relational issues using active, engaging techniques combined with warmth and empathy.

That area outside of mainstream thought is an enormous playground of grey and I enjoy exploring it with my clients in a relaxed and non-judgmental atmosphere.  I am kink-friendly, -aware, and -knowledgeable and sex positive.

I am extremely comfortable talking about intimate details and my clients benefit from my relaxed style and open-minded attitude.  I will listen and be supportive and provide a safe place for you to discuss any topic and no matter what your issue is I will work hard to help you reach your personal goals be it relationship repair, separation, or augmentation.