About Jessica

I moved to Austin from the San Francisco Bay Area in 1995 to complete my BA in cultural anthropology.  After graduating in 1997 I got a corporate gig until 2005 when I returned to school to get my graduate degree from St. Edward’s University.  I graduated in 2007 with honors, but stayed at home for a number of years to start my family.  I came back to work in 2011.

I’ve been practicing for 5 years and recently became a fully licensed professional counselor.  I began by volunteering for a local agency for a year and then I began seeing clients in a private practice setting under the supervision of John Jones, PhD, LPC-s.  I still volunteer my time at that agency, but the bulk of my efforts are in the office.

I decided to pour my efforts into the kink community after I realized there was a big, gaping hole for clients in need of a safe space to be themselves and work through issues.  I also personally lead my life in a sex-positive way and know first hand the incredible impact it can have.

I’m a dog lover and occasionally borrow lap dogs to accompany me in the office and I have two cats who keep me busy, but don’t worry, I leave them at home.

I have one little tattoo with plans for a bigger one on my other arm, love love love horses, paint and write and generally like to be as artful as possible while still working hard to be logical.

There are some healing stones and crystals laying about the office, a few fake plants due to my inability to keep real plants alive, a little tea and coffee bar for my clients to use, and a piece of artwork my son drew when he was 4.  I like to believe all of these things – plus my own energy – create a welcoming, safe place for everyone.